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U.S. Armor Corporation was founded in 1986 and is firmly established as the most trusted name in body armor. We are a highly respected, major supplier to domestic and international armor markets. Our products are unmatched in comfort, quality and performance. U.S. Armor ballistic products can be found on elite Military units, along with Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The Armellino family founded American Body Armor (ABA) in the late 1960ís as one of the first pioneers of soft body armor. Stephenís father, Richard Armellino, held some of the first U.S. patents for this unique product that not only offered ballistic protection, but also the increased mobility needed for officers to move effectively in the field. The Armellino family sold ABA in 1984, but the original patterns first created by Stephen Armellino while working with his father Richard are still used throughout the entire body armor industry.

Today, U.S. Armor continues to create the most comfortable and technologically advanced ballistic products available. Our rapidly expanding client base includes: Law Enforcement, SWAT, DEA, Border Patrol, Correctional, Military, Rescue, and private security personnel just to name a few. An increasing number of international agencies are now choosing the comfort and quality of U.S. Armor products. We look forward to improving your experience on the job with our comfortable, high quality, and high performance ballistic products. U.S. Armor products are made in the U.S.A..

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