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The TacView® Pole Camera is a pole mounted, IR/color camera that can monitor areas in full room light or total darkness. The camera head size is 2” in diameter with built in auto on/off IR LEDs. It is strong enough to break and rake a window! The 2600 Model telescopes from three (3) feet to twelve (12) feet which allows viewing into a second story window or onto the roof of a one-story building from ground level. In addition, its camera head will detach and may be clamped onto the top of a shield or hidden and linked to a 100 foot cable (included) that will let you discretely (and safely) watch your objective behind cover 100 feet away plus a two (2) year warranty and thirty (30) day unconditional money-back guarantee N.T.O.A. member tested and recommended. All TacView products are built in the U.S.A.

The concept of TacView was originally envisioned by a Tactical Officer when he was assigned to his agency's Narcotics Division and who was in charge of procuring and operating the unit's electronic surveillance equipment, handling the narcotic detector dog, working undercover and writing search warrants. This particular project, built by that officer which ultimately evolved into TacView, was a micro camera with 24 IR diodes attached to a telescopic pole. After he developed many prototypes, he knew that he needed to share this equipment with other officers at the lowest possible cost. He is doing that now.

Sgt. George T. Gilmer, (Ret.): Former Training Academy Sergeant and Tactical Team member who holds a Master Peace Officer's Certificate with 23 years of law enforcement experience and who served in Patrol, in Narcotics (both undercover and writing and executing search warrants), as a major crime scene investigator in the Crime Lab, as a D.A.R.E. Officer and as an academy training instructor.

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