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At Tactical Command Cabinets, we build custom command cabinets for police, fire and EMS SUV storage, tactical SUV cabinets for S.W.A.T., and cabinets for other public works vehicles. The SUV cabinet storage systems are used when a police incident occurs. Our cabinets are large enough to store AR-15's and 40mm less lethal weapons. We have designed a mini command center for police, fire and EMS SUV's that have tactical command boards built in. Our command cabinets are made of premium grade plywood and red birch hardwood. We can optionally coat our cabinets with LINE-X ultra tough bed-liner coating to give extra strength and durability. We have cabinets in stock for the Ford Explorer PD and watch command unit. We also have cabinets to fit the Chevy Tahoe. Our craftsmen use high-quality plywood and solid birch with dado joints for strength. The cabinets we build for fire departments are usually customized to suit each departments needs. We polish the finish to give a smooth feel and high-gloss look. File and map drawers are built into our cabinets providing extra storage for markers, towels, etc. Also custom cut-outs for radios can be built per spec.

We have found it very interesting working with law enforcement and fire departments. Like in our work, we believe organization is truly critical for both. Every department has their own unique requirements and we have found it extremely enjoyable engineering ways to keep all of their equipment organized.

At Tactical Command Cabinets we can build to your specification. We use a LINE-X finish on many of our command cabinets as police departments like the strength and durability. Our mini command center is very popular with it's unique design allowing officers to pull out boards, lock and go. Our command cabinets are hand made, using a wet glue on edge banding. Although taking more time, the bond is stronger than a pressure contact cement. We also use solid birch hardwood on plywood edges for extra strength. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

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