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Developed in Sweden in the 1980s, the SKIDCAR SYSTEM® is the most effective driving training program ever created. Unlike other programs, which merely simulate experiences to develop a driver's motor skills, The SKIDCAR SYSTEM® allows drivers to experience real-life car control issues, and teaches them techniques that help them maintain control. The SKIDCAR SYSTEM® is a driver training program that represents a proven concept we refer to as "The Science of Controlled Driving." Based on a foundation of mind over motor, this approach builds and strengthens a driver’s understanding of vehicle dynamics, hones his or her sensory skills and teaches sound driving strategies, while refining a driver's reactionary motor skill.

SKIDCAR™ now operates in 35 Countries. In North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico) more than 260 SKIDCARS and 8 SKIDTRUCKS are used in 42 States, 5 Provinces, including 35 Colleges and Technical Schools. Over 27,000 drivers are getting a lesson each year in a SKIDCAR. SKIDCARS are used by Military, Law Enforcement, Protective Services, Fire, EMS, Municipal, Private Driving schools, and Racing Circuits.

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