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Cobb UAS

17603 Cobb Avenue
Poolesville, MD 20837
P: 240.489.1UAS (1827)

IPM client since 2015

About Cobb UAS - Cobb UAS offers aerial imagery, drone flight training, drone and equipment sales and consulting. Our aerial imagery solutions allow public safety such as law enforcement, EMS and fire service to survey incidents with no risk to officers saving your agency time, money and lives by not going into unsafe areas. Perfect for assessing risk in hostage negotiation incidents, entry points on wildland fires and hazardous rescue operations.

Regarding flight training, before Cobb UAS and your team take to the sky, we spend the time to make sure your team understands how to operate your aircraft safely and legally. After the classroom portion, our team of flight instructors work with your pilots to develop basic and advanced UAS flying skills allowing you to perform all your tactical operations.

Cobb UAS offers consulting services to integrate UAS in to your agency operations. Our NIMS certified team can help you develop policies and procedures to ensure successful legal and tactical integration. Visit us at

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